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Fraud Examination, Prevention, and Consulting
In order to manage your business you need to effectively protect your assets against
loss.  Unfortunately, too often the actual discovery of fraudulent activity and
financial loss may not occur until long after the fact.  According to research
conducted by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, businesses lose 6% of
their revenue to fraud and abuse.  As Certified Fraud Examiners, investigative
accountants, and forensic consultants, we are specialists who are trained in the
detection and prevention of fraudulent activity.

No matter what your business or situation, Wilson Accounting & Consulting, LLC
has the expertise and the experience to help you reach an appropriate resolution.
Investigative Accounting
Fraud Risk Assessment and Evaluation
Fraud Examination, Investigation, and Prevention
Litigation Support
Internal Controls Consulting, Design, and Implementation
Economic Loss Analysis
Financial Transaction Analysis
Fraud Prevention Training and Educational Seminars
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